Information about Help On Demand

How it works

How do I advertise my services or post a job vacancy?

Once you are signed in, click on the ‘Post a listing’ blue button at the top right had side of the web-page.  You’ll then simply need to follow through the questions to create your listing. Please see video below for more help.

How do I close my listing?

If your position has been filled or you no longer wish to advertise your services click on your listing and select the ‘close listing’ option. Please see video below for more help

Can I edit my listing once it is live?

Yes, you can edit your listing via your profile – view ‘My Listings’ and edit them as required.

How long is my listing on the site for?

Your listing remains live and available to view until the expiry date you choose at the time of listing.

Can I contact a business regarding their vacancy privately?

If you are interested in a business vacancy please follow through via the ‘Apply or Offer your services’ button at the top right hand side of the listing and this will contact the business owner privately.  Use the ‘Public Discussion’ option at the bottom of the listing if you wish to ask a generic question.

How do I add a profile photo or listing photo?

You can add a profile photo via your profile settings.  Listing photos are added during the creation of the listing by simply dragging the image from your gallery onto the picture icons.

How can I add my resume to my profile for others to look at?

We do not currently have the possibility for you to add a PDF or docuements to the website.  However, you can either include it in the detailed description or otherwise take a screen shot and add in the images section.  Another option is to tell people to contact you if they would like a copy of it.

Does this platform get advertised or it is just a case of people knowing about it?

We do regularly advertise the platform via the UBT Silver Bullet or Family/Business Magazine.  We also post all new listings to our private LinkedIn Groups daily which you can request to join below.

Why am I receiving email updates with listings that don't interest me?

You can customize the type of job alerts and email updates you want to receive by going into your settings and choosing the region and type of work or worker you are looking for.  Please see video below for more help.